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IASSS Special Issue

  • Guidelines for the JASSS Special Issue

  • 1) The special issue has the goal of demonstrating how elements of complexity in social, ecological/environmental, and social-environmental systems can coherently be studied from an agent-based complex systems perspective, providing a new, complex systems view on theory development. The most severe critique in ABMs is that they are always ad hoc and case-specific. We would like to emphasize how our example models are related to general theory, of the systems in question, and of agent-based complex systems in general. At the same time, we aim to demonstrate that it is possible to present agent-based models in a coherent manner.

    2) Papers are encouraged to describe the models and systems they represent in the Overview, Design Concepts, and Details (ODD) protocol. For detail see the ODD link below.

    3) Papers are encouraged to use empirical data and patterns (acceptable if combined with some other types of rules or data) to design, test, and validate the models. The link below shows the “pattern-oriented modelling” approach, which might be a great alternative among many. The key is to inform readers in what way what kind of data have been used during model design and testing.

    4) Papers are encouraged to present an agent-based model (ABM) and relate it to one or more traditional non-ABM model(s) when possible, demonstrating the added value of ABMs. In cases a direct comparison might not be possible, as a corresponding traditional model on the same system and question(s) might not exist, you may at least discuss in what way traditional approach would have been limited, or also perhaps more useful.

  • Special Issue Timeline

  • Draft manuscripts submitted: 1st November, 2018 (now extended to Febuary 1, 2019)
    Peer review: January 15, 2019
    Revisions in: March 1, 2019
    Final papers ready for production: 15th March, 2019
    Publication: April 2019

  • Other Related Information

  • Length of each paper: 5,000 ~ 8,000 words
    Paper preparation and submission instructions here: http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/admin/submit.html

  • POM resources

  • Here please find the two papers that may be helpful for pattern-oriented modelling (POM): Grimm and Railsback’s paper about POM (2011) and Grimm et al’s paper about POM (2005).

  • ODD resources

  • Here are the two papers that illustrate in detail the Overview, Design Concepts, and Details (ODD) protocol: Grimm et al’s paper about ODD (2010) and Grimm et al’s paper about ODD (2006). Here you can find a useful ODD template.

ABM 17 Files

  • Pictures from the conference.

  • Here please find the ABM state of the art paper, which builds on the ABM 17 grant proposal, session leaders’ posting, and surveys we did in the past year(s). Your comments and input are appreciated.
  • Here please find the summary of the 1st and the 2nd survey results. This file contains the poster evaluation assignment.
  • Here please find our most updated position papers of the science committee listed by author’s last name.
  • Here please find the Word file of our first survey about strengths and challenges of agent-based models. You are welcome to download, answer the questions,and send it back to abm17@complexities.org.
  • Here please find the Word file of the application form of ABM Professional Enhancement Award (PEA). You are welcome to download, fill in, and send it back to abm17@complexities.org.
  • The abstracts of poster presentations and position papers of other participants (excluding the science committee) are available. You are encouraged to download and read.

Other Resources

We keep updating this page. Please send useful information (tools, websites, links, wiki pages, etc.) to abm17@complexities.org. Your input is highly appreciated!