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General Introduction:

Our project Conference: Agent-Based Modeling 2017: Agent-Based Models in the Social, Human-Environment, and Life Sciences aims to advance the science and technology of agent-based modeling (ABM). We are now soliciting opinions and ideas about strengths and challenges of ABM, and your input is very important to us. Please go to our forum page to leave comments there or go to our Resources page, follow the instructions there, and return your input by email. Here is a tentative schedule.

The ABM 17 Symposium is locally sponsored by the Complex Human-Environment Systems Group and the Department of Geography at SDSU. Questions or comments should be directed to ABM17 Chair Dr. Li An by email (abm17@complexities.org).

Sessions and Papers (Timeline):

We have assembled a great set of sessions and topics–see this site for detail. Below please find our progressive plan and timeline:

    #1 (To session chairs) Identifying major papers: Identify 3 or more key (must-read) papers in your topic area and send them to abm17@complexities.org or post them at this Google document by April 14, Friday;

    #2 (To session chairs) Identifying major issues: Each Session’s Chair(s) should identify up to three major issues relevant to their session topic that represent gaps in ABM science and performance that require improvement and hold the promise of advancement in the near future. These should be provided to Li An and the Executive Committee (EC; PIs of the project) by April 14, Friday for review and assessment previous to the symposium. Once the EC and session chairs have a firm identification of these issues, it is each Session Chair’s role to advance them in their sessions during which the sessions may elaborate them, drop them, or add others. The resulting set of issues for each Session will constitute the nodes for an overview paper and a series of specialized papers (Information on paper preparation strategy will follow).

    #3 (To paper leaders) Paper writing and submission: Write a paper with all authors based on the major issues identified, modified, and finalized in #2 by the corresponding session chair(s). It is up to each paper leader, with consultation from all authors, to decide what journal to submit your paper to. Send the first, complete draft by August 1, 2017 to Li An and the executive committee at abm17@complexities.org.

    #4 (To all) Li An and the Executive Committee (PIs of the project) will preview the draft paper and send it within one week (i.e., by August 8) to a set of reviewers selected from the Science Committee.

    #5 (To all) By September 8, the reviewers return their comments to Li An and the Executive Committee in email (to abm17@complexities.org).

    #6 (To Paper leaders) By October 8, paper leaders revise the paper based on the comments received and submit the paper to the journal selected earlier.