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Science Committee Members

(By alphabetical order of last name)

Rob Axtell (website) George Mason University Computing/public policy Modeling of social and economic processes
Michael Barton (website) Arizona State University Anthropolgy Human ecology, ABM, landscape dynamics
David Bennett (website) The University of Iowa Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences GIScience, ABM, Sustainability
Daniel Brown (website) University of Michigan Landscape ecology and land use change GIS, RS, Spatial modeling, AAAS Fellow
Keith Clarke (website) University of California, Santa Barbara Geography GIScience, Spatial modeling, remote sensing
Peter Deadman (website) University of Waterloo (Canada) Geography ABM, LULCC, database design
Yue Dou (website) Michigan State University Geography Sustainability, Resilience, ABM
Sigrunn Eliassen (website) University of Bergen (Norway) Biology Animal cooperative behaviours
Tom Evans (website) Indiana University Food/Water Security, Spatial Modeling, Environmental Governance
Mirta Galesic (website) Santa Fe Institute Psychology Social learning, group decision making, cooperation
Volker Grimm (website) Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ (Germany) Ecological modeling Ecological modeling (individual-based)
Alison J Heppenstall (website) University of Leeds (UK) Geography Artificial intelligence, chaotic behaviour, & social networks
Ke Huang (website) San Diego State University Electrical and Computer Engineering Machine learning, data mining, VLSI testing and computer-aided design
Elena Irwin (website) Ohio State University Land use economics Integrated models of land use and ecosystem services
Piotr Jankowski (website) San Diego State University Geography GIScience, Spatial Decision Support Systems, participatory GIS
Marco Janssen (website) Arizona State University Ecology, sustainability Computational models, behavioral, institutional and ecological processes
Tim Kohler (website) Washington State University / Santa Fe Institute Anthropology Models ecological and social processes over the long term
Mei-Po Kwan (website) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Geography GIScience, Social differences, Urban life
Katherine Lacasse (website) Rhode Island University Psychology Linking behavior and climate change
Arika Ligmann-Zielinska (website) Michigan State University Geography ABM, Sensitivity Analysis, Systemic Thinking
Jianguo Liu (website) Michigan State University Sustainability Systems integration, sustainability, APS member
Steven Manson (website) University of Minnesota Geography ABMs, LULCC, Human/Env. GIS
Emilio Moran (website) Michigan State University Geography Human-environment interactions, NAS member
Atsushi Nara (website) San Diego State University Geography GIS, Space-time analysis, ABM
David O’Sullivan (website) University of California, Berkeley Geography Complexity science, simulation models, methods in geography, urban environments
Dawn Parker (website) University of Waterloo (Canada) Economics & land use Complexity theory, ABMs, GIS
Viktoriia Radchuk (website) Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Germany) Evolutionary ecology Population dynamics & viablilit, predator-prey interactions
Steve Railsback (website) Humboldt State University Ecological modeling Software engineering of individual-based models
Sergio Rey (website) Arizona State University Geography Geocomputation, spatial econometrics
Paul Robbins (website) University of Wisconsin-Madison Political ecology Decision making, livelihoods, conservation
Derek Robinson (website) University of Waterloo (Canada) Geography LULCC, Carbon cycle, ABM, GIS
Maja Schluter (website) Stockholm University (Sweden) Social-ecological modeling and sustainability science Behaviors/decisions & SES outcomes
Eric Shook (website) University of Minnesota Department of Geography, Environment, and Society CyberGIS, ABM, social media data analytics
Abigail Sullivan (website) Arizona State University Environmental social science Institutions and social change
Wenwu Tang (website) University of North Carolina, Charlotte Geography ABMs, High performance computing
Leigh Tesfatsion (website) Iowa State University Economics, mathematics, electrical & computer engineering Agent-based computational economics, electrical power market design
Qing Tian (website) George Mason University Geography/Sustainability Computational Social Sciences
Billie L Turner II (website) Arizona State University Geography Land change science, human environment science, member of NAS
Peter Verburg (website) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands) Land use modeling LULCC, Ecosystem services, Spatial Modeling
Stephen Walsh (website) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Geography Human-Environment Interaction, GIS & Modeling
Xinyue Ye (website) Kent State University Geography Geocomputation, spatial econometrics
Moira L Zellner (website) University of Illinois at Chicago Urban planning Technology and behavior in CS
Alex Zvoleff (website) Vital Signs Conservation International Conservation ABM, Spatial analysis, Conservation

The ABM 17Symposium is sponsored by The Complex Human-Environment Systems Group at SDSU.