We are organizing a symposium under the goal of transforming the science, technology, and application of agent-based models (ABMs, or agent-based modeling—ABM) in the context of social, human-environment, and life sciences. The symposium will be April 20-22, 2017 at San Diego, California. We have assembled a science committee of about 35 exceptional ABM modelers and users, and are accepting participants from various disciplines. The symposium has the following objectives: 1) summarizing the status-quo of ABM, and particularly pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of ABM; 2) having in-depth discussions centered around a set of topical subareas (to be identified, but likely including model validation, modeling of human decisions, model transparency and reusability, and developing big data friendly ABM); and 3) identifying unique resources, areas of collaboration, impending tasks, and future directions for the ABM community. Each science committee member will 1) present his/her answers to our carefully designed questions in regard to ABM; 2) discuss issues related to the above goal and objectives; and 3) contribute to subsequent papers or co-edited book. All regular participants will present posters, interact with other researchers, and seek advice about their own ABM related work. Here is a tentative schedule.

The outcome of this symposium is expected to include 1) an ABM synthetic paper and several topical papers; 2) a co-edited book; 3) an online ABM repository that shares useful ABM resources; 4) plans to develop 1-2 proposals to tackle ABM grand challenges; and 5) recognition of young ABM scholars (students in particular). All who are interested in advancing the science and technology of ABM are welcome to attend this symposium–visit this page for more detail.

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The ABM 17 Symposium is sponsored by The Complex Human-Environment Systems Group and the Department of Geography at SDSU.