7. Please send us a list of recommended ABM related readings (no limit to the max number), including your own or other people’s papers, book chapters, reports, etc.

6a. (If you chose Yes in Question 6) In what language or platform was the model developed?

6. Do you (including your group or students you advise or supervise) have a runnable ABM model, including both code, data (Okay if you want to modify the code or data to meet the IRB requirements), and documentation, which can be shared to the ABM 17 symposium?

1. Yes
2. No
3. Not sure for now

5. Post important papers about developing and using agent-based models

4. Please list the issues or challenges that ABM could help out but not well addressed in order to advance research in your domain (or specifically list the barriers that prevent you from using ABM).

3. If no budget and/or personnel concerns, how would you like to address these challenges or issues as mentioned above?

2. Please list the bottleneck challenges or issues that need to be addressed for ABM development.

1. In what area(s) do you think ABM is most useful/powerful to address research questions in your domain?