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5. Post important papers about developing and using agent-based models


  1. An, L., A. Zvoleff, J. Liu, and W. Axinn (2014). Agent based modeling in coupled human and natural systems (CHANS): Lessons from a comparative analysis. Annals of Association of American Geographers 104(4):723-745.

  2. O’Sullivan, D., Evans, T., Manson, S., Metcalf, S., Ligmann-Zielinska, A., & Bone, C. (2016). Strategic directions for agent-based modeling: avoiding the YAAWN syndrome. Journal of land use science, 11(2), 177-187.

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  4. Bradhurst, R. A., S. E. Roche, I. J. East, P. Kwan, and M. G. Garner. 2016. Improving the computational efficiency of an agent-based spatiotemporal model of livestock disease spread and control. Environmental Modelling & Software 77:1-12.

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