Geovisualizing, representing, analyzing, modeling, and simulating

Complex Human-Environment Systems (CHES)

for improved envisioning, understanding, and planning



Current CHES Members:

  • Li An, Professor (2005 ~ present, CV)

  • Shuang Yang, PhD Candidate (2011 ~ present)

  • Dissertation title: "Exploring reciprocal relationships between payments for ecosystem services (PES) and the associated coupled human and natural systems (CHANS): A case study of Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve (FNNR), China"

  • Marcus Chiu, Data and Technical Analyst (2013 ~ present)

  • Jie Dai, PhD Candidate (2013 ~ present; CV)

  • Dissertation title: "Community forestry in Chitwan Valley, Nepal - Challenges with the invasion of Mikania micrantha"

  • William Orihuela, M.S. Candidate (2014 ~ present; CV)

  • Thesis title: "Spatiotemporal analysis of ambient air pollution in the greater Tokyo area"

  • Jeanne Patton, M.S. Student (2015 ~ present; co-advised with John O'Leary)

  • Thesis title: "Conifer seedling survivorship in post-fire reforestation Cuyamaca Rancho State Park ĘC San Diego, CA"

  • Alexandra Yost, M.S. Student (2017 ~ present)

  • Huijie Zhang, PhD Student (2018 ~ present; CV)


CHES alumni:

  • Dr. Haiyan Wang, Visiting Scholar from Beijing Forestry University, China (2017 ~ 2018; CV)

  • Judy Mak, M.S. student (2016 ~ 2018)

  • Thesis title: "Agent-Based Modeling of Rhinopithecus Brelichi Population and Movements in the Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve"

  • Dr. Guangming He, Research consultant (2016 ~ 2017)

  • Dr. Hsiang Ling Chen, Postdoctoral Fellow (2015 ~ 2017; joint appointment with Dr. Rebecca Lewison at SDSU Biology)

  • Dr. Xuan Tian, Visiting Scholar from Beijing Forestry University, China (2016 ~ 2017; CV)

  • Mengen Lyu, Undergraduate Assistant (2014 ~ 2017)

  • Curtis Battle, M.S. Student (2012 ~ 2016)

  • Thesis title: "Sex-specific habitat models for bengal tigers (panthera tigris) in Chitwan National Park, Nepal" Abstract

  • Qingyun (Rick) Zhang, Research Assistant (2015 ~ 2016)

  • Evan Casey, Undergraduate Assistant (2014 ~ 2016) and technical assistant (2018 ~ present)

  • Yuejin Deng, Visiting Scholar from Wuhan University, China (2014 ~ 2015; CV)

  • Kristin Meseck, M.S. Student (2011 ~ 2013)

  • Thesis title: "Habitat distribution for non-native Amazona viridigenalis within San Diego County using Maxent predictive model" Abstract

  • Ninghua Wang, PhD (2009 ~ 2013)

  • Dissertation title: "Statistics for time-Series spatial data: Applying survival analysis to study land-use change" Abstract

  • Jennifer Vaughan, M.S. Student (2008 ~ 2010)

  • Thesis title: "Local geographies of the coastal cactus wren and the coastal California gnatcatcher on marine corps base camp Pendleton California" Abstract

  • Sarah Wandersee, PhD (2008 ~ 2013; CV Blog)

  • Dissertation title: "Land cover and land use change in human environmental systems: Understanding complex interactions among policy and management, livelihoods, and conservation" Abstract

  • Alex Zvoleff, PhD (2008 ~ 2013; CV)

  • Dissertation title: "Understanding the dynamics of changing land-use and land-cover, population, and climate in the Chitwan Valley, Nepal" Abstract

*** All collaborators Dr. An has worked with are listed under NSF PES project, NSF Nepal project, NASA Ghana project, NSF CDI project, NIH Ghana project, and NSF PIRE Project ***

*** All students Dr. An has mentored or served as committee member ***