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Activities and achievements of CHES members

• June 18, 2020: Congratulations to Alexandra (Ali) Yost, who successfully defended her thesis titled "A longitudinal study evaluating the effects of payments for ecosystem services on species richness". Drs. Lewison, Nara, Chen, and An unanimously approved her thesis and presentation.

• May 18, 2020: Dr. Li An has accepted an invitation to service as board member of The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS). According to Prof. Flaminio Squazzoni (Editor of JASSS), "JASSS is indexed in WoS and Scopus and its impact factor is increasing (2.2 in 2018, but we expect a growth in the next years)".

• May 13, 2020: Dr. Li An was elected to be Councillor-at-large and memeber of the 2020-2022 Executive Committee for the International Association of Landscape Ecology - North America (IALE-NA). IALE-NA is a prestigious international organization that promotes research, practice, education, and outreach activities in relation to landscape ecology. Its members come from the US, Canada, and Mexico.

• May 11, 2020: Dr. Li An gave a talk at the North American Regional Association of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE-North America) 2020 Annual Meeting (May 11-14, Remote Virtual Conference). He presented his research titled "Do links Exist Among Concurrent Payments for Nature's Services? Global Challenges and Opportunities" (previous title: "Do Crosslinks Exist Among Concurrent Payments for Ecosystem Services? A Global Challenge"). Here is the recorded video.

• April 22, 2020: Dr. Li An has been nominated and elected as an SDSU senator. "The University Senate is where SDSU's major constituencies weigh in on an array of policy decisions" (SDSU Senate website).

• March 12, 2020: Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, Dr. Li An moved both courses GEOG 104 (Geographic Information Science) and GEOG 506 (Landscape Ecology) to online teaching. All teaching activities are performed online--e.g., Zoom is used for lectures and Blackboard for home assignments, tests, and quizzes. Teaching assistants Blair Mirka and Keaton Shannon have been very helpful in posting and grading course work.

• February 17, 2020: Welcome Bo Xiong, visiting student from East China Normal University! Bo is a PhD student with backgroound in physical geography, and his interest lies in the coupling of land use, ecosystems, and human environment.

• January 18, 2020: Dr. Li An traveled to Beijing, Zhengzhou, and then Taihanshan National Nature Reserve (TNNR) for future collaboration in the NSF CNH2 project titled "CNH-L: People, Place, and Payments in Complex Human-Environment Systems" (2018-2023, PI: Dr. Li An). The trip was successful, and Dr. Hongyan Liu at PKU and Mr. Jiyun Yu at Henan Department of Natural Resources (Deputy Director) both offered great help. Drs. Liu and An visited the headquarters of TNNR and talked to local reserve leaders, managers, and villagers.


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