Geovisualizing, representing, analyzing, modeling, and simulating

Complex Human-Environment Systems (CHES)

for improved envisioning, understanding, and planning



Projects for CHES Research

• Ongoing projects

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship ~ Mapping and Modeling the Invasion of Mikania Micrantha in the Chitwan Community Forests, Nepal: A Coupled Human and Natural Systems Approach (17-EARTH17F-337; 2017-2019, PI: Jie Dai, PhD candidate; Faculty advisor: Dr. Li An). Total budget:$84,612.

NSF GSS/MMS Project ~ ABM¡¯17: The Usefulness, Uselessness, and Impending Tasks of Agent-Based Models in Social, Human-Environment, and Life Sciences (2016-2018, PI: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $94,996 (Here the NSF website for this award).

NSF CNH Project in Nepal ~ Feedbacks between Human Community Dynamics and Socioecological Vulnerability in a Biodiversity Hotspot (2012-2016, extended to 2017; Co-PI: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $1,449,521.

• Completed projects

NSF CNH Project in China ~ Impacts of Ecosystem Service Payments in Coupled Natural and Human Systems (2012-2016, extended to 2017; PI: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $1,299,917.

NASA Urban Project in Ghana ~ The Urban Transition in Ghana and Its Relation to Land Cover and Land Use Change Through Analysis of Multi-scale and Multi-temporal Satellite Image Data (2012-2015, extended to 2016; Co-investigator: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $992,960.

NSF CDI Project ~ Mapping Cyberspace to Realspace: Visualizing and Understanding the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Global Diffusion of Ideas through the Semantic Web (2010-2014, extended to 2015; Senior Personnel: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $1,300,000.

NSF PIRE Project ~ Collaborative Research and Training in Social Context, Population Processes, and Environmental Change (2007-2012; Co-PI: Dr. Li An). Total budget secured: $2,500,000.

UGP Project ~ How Does Complexity Science Help? Preference, Place, and Promise in Disaster Alleviation (2005-2006; PI: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $9,857.

UGP Project ~ Sampling at What Scales? A Computational Simulation Approach (2008-2009; PI: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $9,654.

San Diego Zoo Project ~ Does Ecotourism Help Conserving the Nature? A Case Study of the Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve, China. (2009; PI: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $1,100.

UGP project ~ Where Are the Golden Monkeys? A Predictive Habitat Analysis (2009-2010; PI: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $5,068.

MMBF Project ~ Documenting Impacts of Illegal Mining on the Guizhou Golden Monkey, Rhinopithecus brelichi, in Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve, China (2010-2012; PI: Sarah Wandersee; Project Director: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $12,000.

NIH Health Project ~ Health, Poverty and Place: Modeling Inequalities In Accra Using RS And GIS (2007-2012; Collaborator: Dr. Li An). Total budget: $3,057,586.