GEOG104 - Geographic Information Science

  • Lower-division undergraduate course.
  • Fundamental concepts of geographic information science (GIScience), including remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), cartography, and spatial analysis.

GEOG385 - Spatial Data Analysis

  • Analysis of spatially distributed data including computer applications. Spatial sampling, spatial descriptive statistics for point and areal data, inferential statistics, use of maps in data analysis.
  • Lectures, home assignments, and exams.

GEOG506 - Landscape Ecology

  • Theories, techniques, and frontiers in landscape ecology, applications of landscape ecology in natural resources/environment management and conservation.
  • Lectures, class presentations, final paper, and labs.

GEOG585 - Quantitative Methods in Geographic Research

  • Application of statistical techniques to geographic research. Simple and multiple regressions, correlation, classification, factor analysis and principle component analysis, spatial statistics, geographically weighted regression (GWR).
  • Lectures, labs, home assignments, exam, and project.

GEOG780 - Landscape Modeling and Simulation (Seminar)

  • Exploration of various approaches to modeling and simulating landscape patterns and changes driven by human and ecological processes: terrain modeling, multinomial and binomial logistic regressions in habitat analysis, cellular automata models, Markov chain models, survival analysis, agent-based modeling, and spatial model validation.
  • Lectures, labs, home assignments, and project.

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