Opportunities at CHES

Internships, temporary jobs, or Ph.D./M.S. assistantships may be available with financial support from various funding sources, including my external grants or funds from the Geography Department pending our evaluation of your academic background, past performance, research interests, etc. For my research interests as well as my current and past students please visit this site, or visit the Complex Human-Environment Systems (CHES) Group website for more informatino about my group. The following materials would be helpful:

  1. Your most recent Curriculum Vita
  2. Transcripts
  3. GRE Scores
  4. TOEFL Scores for international students only
  5. Research statement
  6. Publications (if available, PDF files acceptable) or other evidence of your achievements in the past

Unofficial copies for items 2, 3, and 4 are acceptable at the beginning. Doctoral students are expected to publish their (often 3) dissertation chapters as separate papers in peer-review journals, and master's students are strongly encouraged to publish his/her thesis as a separate paper in a peer-review journal. Potential applicants of our joint doctoral program may view our program borchure and go to this site to apply. Please contact Dr. An for more information.

Postdoctoral research opportunities may arise when external grants come in. Please visit this site and/or contact Dr. An for more information.

Visting scholar/student opportunities: Potential visiting scholars or students may contact me for coming to the CHES group at SDSU. In addition to your CV and funding situation, please prepare a statement of research interest and your goals of staying at SDSU. I normally expect that a visiting scholar may identify at least one paper or project we can work together; the paper should be completed by the end of his/her visit at SDSU. Please visit this site for information about the CHES group and/or contact Dr. An for more information.