Websites to visit

San Diego State University

SDSU Geography Department

Dr. An's Geography Department Website

The Complex Human-Environment Systems (CHES) Group

Spatial Analysis and Modeling (SAM) Specialty Group of AAG

See our group's web link for more interesting and useful websites

Funding opportunities

National Science Foundation GSS Program

National Science Foundation CNH Program

National Science Foundation INFEWS Program

EPA Integrating Human Health and Well-Being with Ecosystem Services Program

NASA Land-Cover and Land-Use Change (LCLUC) Program

NICHD Population Mobility and Spatial Demography Program

See this site for more funding opportunties about CHES research

Writing recommendation or support letters

I am willing to write letters of support or recommendation upon requests from students if you have interacted with me (e.g., taken my course(s), worked with me as teaching or research assistants) with good performance. Note that my letter should reflect your true performance that I know of--in other words, I try to be honest and objective: no exageration, no downplaying or devaluing.

Being a committee member

I will be happy to serve as a committee member of graduate students if I can substantially contribute to the corresponding thesis or dissertation (e.g., coauthoring a paper out of it).

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