Spring Scholar Program in FNNR – Preparing to Leave

DATES OF TRAINING 03/24/2016-03/25/2016

Dr. An had arranged for us to receive video training at the I.T.S. department at school where Joseph Alvarez and Ari explained to us what our purpose was in documenting this trip. The training consisted of a basic overview of camera and tripod operations, which ranged from the various settings such as the camera specs and capabilities, how to record, zoom and recording footage under the proper video settings and lighting.

From there we covered the “do’s and don’ts” of recording, which included when to use handheld vs tripod, shot duration, and proper camera etiquette and ethics. Then we practiced how to frame an image under different fields of view which including capturing footage in mid shots, close ups, and wide shots. The training concluded by discussing camera moves and planning a sequence of shots.

Ari and Joseph were real knowledgable on the equipment and explained everything in an incredibly relaxed environment, which was really comforting for me as this was my first experience in recording footage for that will be used for an actual production. Ari and Joseph will be helping us edit the film as well when we return to the US.

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