Spring Scholar Program in FNNR – Day 6 Field Work

DATE: 04/02/2016

Today we were again tasked with assisting Dr. Chen and reserve staff in recording vegetation plot data. We traveled to first site which was a PES site and recorded vegetation data and plot survey info. The second site we visited was a location of a previous monkey sighting in which 2 years ago reserve staff had found a monkey in a snare trap. Today we found monkey poop in the area and it looked to be about 2 days old according to the forest ranger Mr. Sha.

Our role today was to assist the research team in plotting this region by gathering aspect and slope and average tree height with the range finder, it was very challenging to complete this task due the steep slope of the plot and the thickness of the vegetation. The Rangers who guided us through this rough terrain, found wild mushrooms that were worth 60 yuan for .6kg. On our way out of the site, I found one of the wild mushrooms and added it to the collection for our dinner.

After my eyes had adjusted to the all the vegetation, which is much different then what we have in our local habitats in San Diego, I found an old horseshoe and was told from Mr. Sha that it was likely from 60 years ago when there was a gold mining project in the region. We ate dinner with the two Mr. Sha’s, who are cousins, and the Mr. Wong who is the head of this regions ranger patrol department and is highly respected amongst the community members.

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