Spring Scholar Program in FNNR – Day 3 Field Work

DATE 03/30/2016

After breakfast we had a morning break and we played a game that was a combination of soccer/dodgeball/basketball followed by rocks paper scissors with local children. During this brief period of down time, the villagers began constructing temple near our hosts house. Dr. Chen had explained to us that this location had good fengshui because it is a place where dragons would come down to honor the location. The villagers made a feast of pork and chicken to honor the gods and they blessed the site with fireworks and burning of symbolic paper money.

After seeing them erect the first pieces of the inner framework of the temple, we rode on the back of a motorbike to a distant location and hiked down to a village were we recorded the vegetation data on a plot which was designated as a PES site. I was able to record the tree diameter with assistance from the highly experienced field ranger Shaoudon, while the research team had recorded the canopy coverage, vegetation samples, and GPS coordinates of the plot. We headed back to Shaoudon’s house briefly for a few quick photos before catching the bus back to Jiangkou. Shaoudon asked me to hold his son for the photo, I felt incredibly honored again by this generous family. I really hope to meet them again some day.

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