Spring Scholar Program in FNNR – Day 2 Field Work

DATE: 03/29/2016

On our second day of field work we recorded plot data in the experimental zone, which is located much closer to villages and road. The location is known as the experimental zone because it is the area that the Chinese government is actively promoting the payments for ecosystem services program. At the first plot Dr. Chen taught me how to record the data, mark the plot, record the slope, aspect, average tree height, and canopy coverage with fisheye lens while Inka documented on video camera.

We recorded the data for the first plot and then took a short break at our local guides house, where he served us green tea. After the our short rest, we moved onto second location where Inka was shown how to document data while I filmed the research taking place. At this location the terrain was much easier to traverse as this area was a PES area and previously a terraced plot.

We managed to install 2 cameras to hopefully capture some wildlife inside the reserve. After we finished at the last plot we returned to Shaudon’s house for dinner. There were several people who where there talking to Shaoudon’s father about a temple they were constructing nearby and gathering donations. Inka, Dr. Chen and myself each donated 100 yuan, which is approximately $15 US dollars, to the temple project. The project cost around 250,000 yuan and the village was nearly half of the way to their goal for funding their project. I felt it was the least I could do for these people who have opened up their house to me and shared so much with me. They told us that because of our generous donation we would have our names carved in stone at the site. I felt incredibly honored to be hosted by such a caring and generous family.

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